Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to photograph various new hotel openings worldwide. These experiences have taken me to a diverse range of destinations, From exquisitely designed boutique hotels in the heart of Tel Aviv to historic palaces transformed into opulent retreats in the charming streets of Lisbon. I've ventured into the untamed wilderness of Tanzania to capture the allure of safari lodges and delved into the pristine natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands to showcase remote and eco-friendly resorts.

My work has involved collaborating with renowned luxury hotel brands like Six Senses, Kempinski, and Marriott's Luxury Collection.

My journey as a hospitality photographer began within the realm of Travel Photography, where I was fortunate to receive editorial assignments that allowed me to explore different corners of the globe. For instance, I once embarked on a 72-hour trip to Udaipur, India, to capture the Leela Palace for Travel+Leisure's Best Awards Cover. I've also had the pleasure of photographing Le Guanahani in St. Barth for Virtuoso Magazine as part of a Caribbean project.

Hospitality photography demands a versatile skill set, encompassing interior photography, architectural photography, food photography, and portraiture. 

Just as a travel photographer seeks to narrate a compelling story through images, my role as a luxury hotel photographer goes beyond capturing images. It's about telling a story through visuals, one that reflects the unique qualities of each hotel and offers viewers a glimpse into the atmosphere of these extraordinary places. My goal is not only to document what meets the eye but also to convey the intangible aspects of each hotel. I strive to encapsulate the ambiance and character of each location, allowing viewers to gain a sense of the experience.